Rita’s Mission

To offer people an honest evaluation of eateries in their neighborhood for a more enjoyable dining out experience.

What started as a hobby in 1997, My Friend Rita Survey is quickly becoming the country's leading provider of consumer survey-based information for restaurants and other leisure activities. Based on a growing network of surveyors, My Friend Rita is quickly becoming the most trusted source to help consumers make informed decisions about restaurants, nightspots, hotels, attractions and other leisure activities. From the beginning, My Friend Rita Survey has empowered consumers by providing them with a vehicle to express their opinions.

Today, My Friend Rita Survey provides consumer survey-generated reviews in more than 100 countries worldwide, and is internationally respected as a symbol of quality. My Friend Rita surveyors are frequent, knowledgeable consumers in each of the categories they rate. Their experiences, expertly distilled into numerical scores and concise, witty quotes, provide accurate, swift guidance for a wide range of leisure activities. My Friend Rita Survey's unique approach separately rates the distinct qualities of a restaurant (Food, Decor, Service and Cost), hotel (Rooms, Service, Dining and Public Facilities) and other leisure categories based on a signature 30-point scale. My Friend Rita supplements this information with a variety of top lists and indexes which allow people to search efficiently for the best places to meet their varied interests. In addition to its retail publishing business,

My Friend Rita works closely with many prominent companies to develop integrated marketing programs leveraging its various assets, including customized guides (print and digital), content licensing, sponsored events, and custom research.